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The Lash Studio + Spa prides themselves on delivering outstanding services from the most talented technicians. Every client walks in feeling good, and leaves feeling and looking even better. Our team is filled with experienced professionals who are always ready to meet your needs.

The Spa Signature Facial


This signature treatment is designed to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and replenish the skin. The use of enzymes, ampoules, and custom masks make this treatment both relaxing and beneficial. This classic treatment revitalizes and restores the skin for a radiant, younger complexion.



An amazing alternative to laser treatments or chemical peels – This noninvasive treatment is recommended to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, mild acne blotches and small scars. The treatment begins with a vacuum massage to nourish the skin and stimulate the facial muscles, next comes the microdermabrasion which resurfaces and refines the skin, a nourishing ampoule is next followed by Light Therapy, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and custom mask finishes this treatment, leaving the skin nourished, glowing, and looking absolutely radiant!

High Performance Anti-Age Facial


This deluxe treatment includes all aspects of the microdermabrasion listed above, and the addition of an enzyme, peel, or other treatment (based on your skin) to further enhance the results. This medically based treatment increases your skin’s metabolism and improves rapid cell regeneration for maximum results!

PCA Peel


A PCA Peel can address many of the problems that plague our skin…texture, laxity, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation (age spots), acne and more. The use of varying blends of peel solutions applied in a layering technique ensures that the peel is the exact match for your specific issues. After the peel application, nutritive topicals and calming finishing products are applied, leaving the skin with a glowing healthy complexion. There is a peel for every skin type, even the most sensitive skin can benefit.

The Flash Facial


A quick but exceptionally effective facial for those who are short on time, but want maximum results. There is no pampering or extractions in this facial…just results driven products and techniques designed to get you in and out and looking fabulous in a half hour.

Cellulite Treatment

$65.00 per treatment
$900 for a package of 18

This treatment is designed to reduce the look of cellulite, and/or produce some inch loss in those areas as well. The usual result is a combination of the two…firmer, smoother looking skin as well as smaller circumference. This treatment needs to be done in a series, 16 treatments is recommended, but can be customized according to need. This treatment is done with the client wearing a compression suit, and using a machine designed to smooth the skin, enhance lymph flow, and pull toxins and waste from the fat cells.

Skin Care


Pricing below

Any part of the body can be waxed, get rid of the hair that bothers you! The use of the exceptionally gentle, yet very effective Bombshell Wax ensures that you will be soft and smooth with minimal redness or discomfort.


Eyebrows: $15.00
Eyebrows: Wax and Tint $25.00
Chin: $12.00
Face: $35.00
Inner Nose: $5.00
Under Arms: $25.00
Full Arm: $35.00
Half Arm: $20.00
Bikini: $30.00
French Bikini: $45.00
Brazilian: $60.00
Full Leg: $75.00
Half Leg: $45.00
Lash Tint: $20.00


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